Our 4 Foundational Areas Include:

lightbulb-small1. Innovation ecosystem

True of virtually every sector, Seattle’s continued growth will be spurred through the dynamic “ecosystem” of research, invention, commercialization, production, skilled workers, and a supportive regulatory environment. We must continue to invent and generate ideas and goods that meet local and global demand and leverage all the elements in our innovation ecosystem.
In Cleveland

manufacturing is a priority again and they have created a new ecosystem of firms, labor, universities, and new business associations, such as their “Manufacturing and Advocacy and Growth Network,” to retool their factories focusing on research and development of new products and export.


Our opportunity economy must create and support a diverse array of education options that cultivate skills and thinking that meets current and future business needs and that sets pathways for social mobility. We must continue to foster and welcome new ideas and ambitions in Seattle.  
New York City

has executed aggressive plans to attract world-class technology universities to provide a platform for generations of talent development and growth.


Seattle’s economy requires us to invest in the underlying infrastructure that supports reliable delivery of municipal utility services, and efficient and sustainable movement of people, goods, and ideas by air, rail, sea, and land to reach local, national and global markets. Our economy also requires a commitment to “placemaking,” creating livable neighborhoods characterized by safety, affordability, walkability, authenticity, and connections to jobs, schools, recreation, and services.
Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas

have all made significant investments in transformative infrastructure: state-of-the-art transit to ensure mobility, modernization of port and freight facilities, and expansion of broadband to enhance connectivity. Inner-city Atlanta has seen recent growth in residents and retail activity around its existing base of research universities, healthcare complexes, and clusters of technology and creative firms.

whale-small4. Cultural and social environment

Seattle is a vibrant, urban place with natural, artistic, and cultural amenities that enrich our lives. A flourishing and diverse civic and cultural environment impacts where workers choose to live and make their mark. Finding ways to build and support our social and creative assets is integral to the quality of life for residents as well as a boon that brings us visitors from around the globe. We can support efforts to connect the talents of local artists to enhance the value of local products and services.
Culinary Artists in Brooklyn

are opening new restaurants, butcheries, and food production and processing facilities, meeting the growing demand for locally produced foods and creating an incubator for culinary quality, craftsmanship, and artistry.