ACCELERATING AND LEADING to encourage collaboration, spur action, and at times provide direct leadership to catalyze that action. Specifically:

  • Analyze
    Analyze, develop, and issue recommendations on how to improve social mobility by eliminating financial barriers to college and career education for all Seattle students and workers.
  • Complete
    Complete a comparative analysis of Seattle’s current planning capabilities and permitting and regulatory processes with other cities around the world and issue recommendations on how to improve the way Seattle envisions, plans, permits, and executes investments in its infrastructure and its commercial districts.
  • Launch
    Launch a formal partnership that engages and channels Seattle’s strengths in Social Entrepreneurship to identify innovative solutions to at least one complex economic challenge.

SIMPLIFYING AND ANALYZING to inform the civic conversation and identify new opportunities:

  • Organize
    Organize public briefings and discussions to improve public understanding of and accelerate decision-making on investments necessary to ensure mobility of people and goods and create attractive and authentic spaces for people to live, work, and recreate in the center city.
  • Support
    Support establishment of new urban design guidelines and recruitment of early-stage technology entrepreneurs to the University District.
  • Offer
    Offer direct support for the Mayor’s summit on Maritime and Manufacturing Industries and successful execution of the direct actions that emerge from it.
  • Provide
    Provide support for the successful launch of StartupSeattle, an effort lead by OED and local technology startup leaders to increase the number of successful IT startup companies in Seattle and connect more Seattle youth to career opportunities within the industry.

TELLING THE STORY so people within Seattle and those in the region and around the world have a better understanding of Seattle’s dynamic economy:

  • Create
    Create and activate a community-driven public relations campaign that highlights Seattle’s economic strengths and accomplishments.